im happy mama

Today Im feeling great and grateful for blessing that I've got!

Woke up in the morning, saw the fresh trees and flowers outside. The ground was wet too, as it quite poured early morning. This freshness gave me extra energy, positive energy that helped to boost my mood.

"Kids are the mirror 
of their parents"

During my routine on Friday morning to have gathering to recite and learning Quran. My little girl, Sn got chance to mingle with her friends. Being active and happy. She shared her toys that I had prepared earlier. I took some shopkins and small colouful of balloons. From this playdate I was able to stimulate her learning styles.

VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthethic) is the learning styles that uses the main sensory receiver. 

Back home my oldest daughter gave me a surprise by showing her English exam paper 1 result. Her eyes was full of happiness and so was the voice tone, told me she got the top score in the class. Two students in the class scores the same mark. Awesome 👏🏼 

The blessing still on.... my little baby oops I mean my little girl Sn was able to manage to hit the top score chart too at toilet training.

She still doesnt want to go to toilet but willing to use the potty. She screamed calling me to let me know that she peed on the potty. Everything she did by herself.

She took off her panty, peed on the potty, got the tissue to wipe aaaaaaand..... took the potty that full of her urine to the bathroom. She poured the urine into the toilet bowl! Washed her hands! Oh my..... my little darling was doing all these things by herself?! I hundred percent agree to the proverb that "kids are the mirror of their parents"

And the good things still carried on.... I planed to ask Sp doing some math review as her math exam will be coming in two weeks time. But she refused to do so. She prefered catching up reciting Quran. She wanted to do four pages instead of two.

Alhamdulillah... today is a blessed day. Im happy mama indeed 😍


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