Does it really annoy being copycatted?

Not at all!
Obviously that would be my answer if somebody ask me?
Truthfully, I have never been in that kind of situation, as personally I would rather not follow the stream or trend, well sometimes is fun to follow the trend as long as it fits my personality.

From my personal point of view, everyone has very own charm, character. Best of all I totally agree as saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder :D

So what's the main reason for being narcist if got feeling annoyed to be copycated at the end?
As to me it is rather odd though, with the trend of media social network such as path, facebook, twitter just to name some. All the users mostly are happy to upload some photos. Drop the idea of showing of but it is for sharing in the decent language hee hee. So what's the problem if there some friends or followers who adore your pose and follow your style. Isn't it great that you simply are like a model whose fans follow your style :)

But I believe being copycatted is not a big deal for those who like holding back their awesomeness.

To end this blog, I am happy to share what Tyra Banks, the Top Model & the Producer of 'The Next American Top Model' tweet
'it's all about loving not only who see in the mirror, but what we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror.'

Being yourself and be comfy with what on your body that's the best I can say.


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