Our regular weekends

Both Saturday & Sunday evening are always been waited. Ironically it's not for lovey dovey or go out for family time, it's simply football!

Whether having dinner out or not, we would be ready in front of our wide screen set for premiere league. We support different teams though :D
More often than not, we tease each other...i mean our football team.

This evening, Im more keen than hubby to watch as most of my team competitors are playing. With 3-4 matches to go, this season will end. Too bad my team is still at 6th on the table, with very tight points. Four teams want to get the 3rd or 4th on the table, to qualify the next season of UEFA Champions League.
My favourite team has got two ways to qualify the next season Champions League though. If we could not reach 4th position at the end of this season, we still have a chance to qualify if we can beat Bayern Munich at the final on 29 May at the home of Bayern Munich.
Not to my surprise, at least two managers of Preamier league teams want my team to be defeated at the final. One of the manager said it is harsh for them to not qualify the Champions League because our team as the defending champion will replace them. Well it's quite understandable.

By now...I'm happy enough with the result. One competitor just gain 1point, while teh other one is zero point! Haha thanks for waiting for us to catch up :D

Hoping my latest experience when was watching my team played in Nou Camp will be repeated tomorrow. My hands were trembling...my heart was pounding...but my face was absolutely beaming if only I saw myself on the mirror! :)))

While the team that hubby support is now on nervous situation, as the defending champion as well as the leading team at the moment. The next match will be their biggest rival. If they are able to win the game, by gaining one more point from the remaining matches they will declare as the 20 times champion!
Well...since im kinda against the flow...im absolutely will be supporting their rival haha.

See...it's just football. But I can feel the excitement :D


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