The positive energy effect :D

I could feel that a wide smile on my face when I went to sleep early morning, as I watched the match between Spain vs Rep.Ireland at UEFA EURO2012.
It is not just about the result but my star player, Torres, scored goals too. Not one but two, having him played since the beginning of the match really worked and show the real quality of Spanish football. The critics to the Spanish coach that it was wrong decision of the coach to not have strikers as the formation of the team in the first match which gave a draw result when Spain played against Italy.

Well I'm not the real fan of Spain, my heart is still with England who lately has been far away from shining performance on the major football events. But to me as a football lover it is not harm to enjoy the beautiful football of both Spain & Germany indeed.
'twas the perfect match that made myself sure that I had a wide smile on my face while sleeping, and it is positive to be happy and according to one of my favourite author James Redfield, when one is in the state of both positive and happy will create positive energy to him/herself as well as to those who are around him/herself. Bingo...!
Still feeling sleepy and lazy to open my eyes, I felt a hand wrapping around my body and someone snuggle from my back and whispering 'happy anniversary!'
Those words struck me, 'anniversary?what anniversary? It's still June. And I only got an anniversary thing in August. Was I dreaming? But it felt real!'

Having myself clear, I realised that my hubby was hugging me and, all of sudden I felt a wide grin on my face. It's June, yes. It's 15 June and and more special June this year has special football event as well.
A warm feeling filled up my chest to know that hubby remember this day. Surprise me indeed as he usually drop this kinda occasion, well guys' things haha...
After a little while intimacy and talking about how we met 10years ago, 15 June the World Cup 2002...we couldn't stop giggling :))
It did not stop there, he asked me for what kinda gift I want.
Hey hey.... It was nice to hear that. But I was not in the mood for gift. Last month I just got two gifts on my b'day & Mother's day.
About three days ago I actually wanna prepare a gift for him on Father's day which will be on Sunday this week, but my mission was aborted as he said beforehand not to buy him gift this Father's day.

Giggling I said 'hey our neighbour the romantic couple next door moved out, and here I am glad to know your romantic spirit has come back. Keep it and don't let it go again, treat it as a gift. Deal?'

I saw a big wide grin as the answer

Be happy
Be positive
All positive energy will be around and we will be strong and get rid of the bad and negative energy


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