My two first things on the last day of Feb

It's the last day of February in 2013.
The last day yet I got two things as the first time in my life.
This morning while drying my hair something hit my attention! I saw my first gray hair on my fringe. Well it comes earlier than my 40th birthday indeed. I know it's not a big buzz for some out there, since many people have got gray hair at their thirties :)

Other than discovered my very fisrt gray hair, it'll be the first time for me to meet a Consultant General Surgeon Breast Surgery, hhhhh....*thumping.

Well it's certainly something to do with my coming 40th bday. Only then, the reason for me to make an appointment with this surgeon is recommended by the gynea who I got appointment with previously. She suggested to make everything's clear by consulting with the expert with advance technology in medical industry to find out what kind of abnormalities that the gynea found out. Cross my fingers that everything will be fine.

After all it's suggested to all women to get a mammo once hits the age of 40.


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