My birthday note

I once read a quote 'Age is about issue of MIND over MATTER. If you dont mind, it doesn't matter. I found it is very true!

Some people agree that age is just number. Physical apperance can mislead others to guess one's age. Whether he or she is younger or older than his or her actual age. The same goes to the maturity. 
As a matter of fact one's attitude and the quality of life doesnt depend on the age. We are even able to find the maturity at a young kid. Im here not kidding to say a mature kid. A wise parents will guide their kids to be mature at early age. This will keep the kid to have good attitude without losing his cheerful childhood. The consistency of parents' guidance is very important to prepare of teenagehood or pre-adult. Parents who guide the kids well at this stage will less-worry as their kids have strong principle and good attitude. Once the kids cheerfully pass the tenagehood trouble-free, the good quality of adulthood within their arms. 

Ah...! it sounds smooth and comfy imagination...., until another proverb strikes in my mind  'Life starts at fourty'. Huh?! It's 13 May. And Im now fourty! Mean My life is just about to start? Well, what's happened with my 39 years then?Let me reverse and rewind what have I been experienced.  Good and bad, happy and sad.... All those memories is such a great experiences to learn and remember. I understand that yesterday is history. Today is present. And tomorrow is future. Having 39 years of experiences I should value the present today, so I will be able to create a good history in the future. Never get enough and feeling old to learn and gain both knowledge and skills in order to have a good history. Get rid of the opinion that 40 is old. Let's twist the negative energy. Stay positive. With experiences & knowledge, 40 is hot! ❤

To many people 'life is a journey without GPS'. To me, my 39 years experiences of life is my real GPS. 

Im now 40 and a mother to a young kid. My smooth and comfy imagination above is inspiring me in rearing my little one, without pushing her hard to be perfect. But as parent it is my duty to give her a strong good attitute. Skill and knowledge from school are just not enough.


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