Men, women & happiness

Man believes in his own individual meaning, but woman knows that she means nothing for herself or for her partner, unless she fulfills her position in creating more lives. And because men love women as part of themselves. Women may not love men except as part of what must be created. It may made men forever dissatified.:D

Trouble between men and women always arises from the belief that there is some duty between them.
But once having given uptjat belief, the way become clear. Each has a duty only for himself.... And how to himself?
If one is wholly fulfilled, the other is fulfilled too.
A husband isnt dear for his sake, but for the self's sake. A wife isnt dear to him for her sake, but for his own sake.
When one is happy and the other is happy. It is the only happiness possible for borh of them.

*special note for my beloved girlfriend, Lina❤️


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