Read Quran as many as your Meals

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Ulamas say, “Read Quran as many as we have meals.”
If we have meals in the morning, afternoon and evening, so we need to read Quran in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Food the one we eat is for our bodies which will decompose. While Quran that we read is for our ruh (spirit) which will live forever.

Before we close our eyes to sleep, it is suggested to recite  Al Mulk, Al Kahf and Al Baqarah. Why these three surahs? There are hadiths of Rasullah SAW about these three surahs, as follow:
  1. Al Mulk. We will be saved from azab in kuboor (grave). If we are able to recite one verse a day. In a month we are able to memorize the whole this surah.
  2. Al Kahf, will save us from berating of Dajjal. Furthermore will benefits us to eluminate our body from toes to head when we are being arisen from our graves and being gathered at Masyar*. There are 110 verses of Al Kahf,  within 4 monts we are able to memorize them if we do memorize one verse a day. 
  3. Al Baqarah, will save us from the riot at Masyar.  And please remember, syaiton doesnt want to enter the house that owned by someone who reads Al Baqarah consistently. Al Baqarah has 286 verses. Within a year, we may be able to memorize them all. For a verse a day program.
Learn to read Quran correctly. Dont hesitate to get guidance from Ulamas or friends who are good at reading Quran. Read Quran as often as possible, as it will benefit us at living after death.
Death is only once come.  Many people will ask to die again as they suffered from azab in grave and masyar field and hell. But no more death at this stage. 

By Ustad Dusuki Abdul Rani
Circulated by Emy - Simei
14 June 2017

one hadith says: Our Prophet SAW said, “If you are unable to recite Al Mulk, Al Kahf and Al Baqarah before you sleep. You can recite Al Ikhlas three times instead.” 

Don't forget to always say Syahadat, Tahmid, Tasbih, Istighfar and Shalawat. 

*Masyar: a huge plain where mankind are assembled after death and the end of the world in front of God to be weighed for both their bad and good deeds. every mankind accompanied by two angels who witnessed during his life in the world


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