Seeing is witnessing

I'm a fan of proverb. It's a such great guidance when I'm lost in making decisions or down at unhappy condition.

But one proverb so far I'm not a fan of.
Seeing is believing. It doesn't give a positive result as other proverbs do.
Ever so often, I've learnt of its negative meaning or misleading indeed. If you doubt me simply rewind your memory to some soap operas...there you go! The simple plot will get complicated because of misunderstanding, and it's always based on seeing is believing. Haha

From these personal experiences of mine, I've developed this proverb to my very own proverb "seeing is witnessing"

Anytime, anywhere...when we hear about 'witness', we understand that someone whose some important information.

So when someone is seeing what is happening in a time, he is a witness. And what we all have to do is to dig some information what he has seen. Has he been there since at the beginning of the event? We cannot get the whole story if he is a passer by only. So yes, he is seeing but not necessary believing :D

Hey...don't get too serious, again it's just my opinion with some strong and real experiences :D
And I understand anyone has every right to agree or disagree


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