From Sausages ham, Jacko till Puzzles

Today is kinda special day for our family. It’s special when hubby is off duty on Sunday❤️

My Regular me time on Sunday morning a bit short though when he’s at home. As he will be in charge as chef to prepare the breakfast for all girls at home. Yeehaa! And It means my duty to clean up the dining table after breakfast. Boo...! Both Yeehaa and boo are thingies to make our Sunday special too indeed.

Usually we had  a simple American breakfast, but today menu was east meets west. All the ham, sausage and scrambled eggs were served with noodle soup. Which a bit insipid for me as the kids are the priority to the chef. So I added some sweet soy sauce and chilled flake to taste.

While we had breakfast our big girl, Sp, played the YouTube on the tv and we watch some kinda talent show in America. She was in a high spirit to fill us about the 9 years old  girl contestant who sang Celine Dion song. I commented about the song that was the favorite of my  niece who Sp’s elder cousins when she was as young as Sp. 

The discussion went far till we talked about the moon walk. the king of Pop, MJ. My hubby is the big fan of him.  He took over the tv remote and play the smooth criminal video clip. Well a bit to much to our young girl to watch though. So hubby and I kept saying about this kinda inappropriate action. And said to focus on the dance move, it would be familiar to the milenia generation as all the boy bands and Korean Wave follow the king of Pop.

Another special thing was added after breakfast. The kitchen as clean as never been used to prepare breakfast! Aha.... love the way hubby to do a good job in the kitchen. We were heading to swimming pool after have a short break.

We planned to have a quick swimming as the weather was cloudy. While we enjoyed the jacuzzi the sun shone brightly. ‘‘Twas about 11 am, so we decided to be back to the main pool to protect ourselves from the heat. We didn’t prepare for it. No sun block at all.

Almost 2 hour enjoying ourselves in the pool we were heading back home and I prepared light lunch. My turn to be in charge in the kitchen. The rest were playing puzzles. 

From sausage, ham, Jacko, swimming and puzzles 


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